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Serving the HVACR Industry since 1935

Allied Supply Company is a full service wholesale distributor of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, air filtration and building management controls. We have six stores located in Lima, Mansfield, Toledo, Cincinnati and Columbus with our headquarters office/store in Dayton, Ohio. Allied Supply serves all of Ohio, Eastern Indiana, Southern Michigan and Northern Kentucky markets. We sell only to contractors and end-users that are in the business of repairing and maintaining HVACR and industries equipment.

The Allied Supply Company's Leadership

John Homan
1935 - 1952

Jack Homan
1952 - 1971

Bill Homan
1971 - 1985

Jim Homan
1985 - 2004

Tom Homan
2004 - Current

The Allied Supply Historical Timeline

1935 – In the midst of the Great Depression, John L. Homan worked for Frigidaire in Dayton, Ohio when he saw a growing demand for refrigeration and cooling solutions.  Along with two partners, John launched the Allied Parts Company in Dayton, Ohio.  John later assumed full ownership of the parts side of the business and moved the company to Stratford Avenue and later Monument Avenue.  However both of these sites were later demolished during the construction of Interstate 75.  

1945 – The Lima branch office is initially opened on South Union Street and later moves to its present location of 460 S. Main Street.  The rent for the one room store is $80 per month.

1948 – The company becomes incorporated as Allied Supply Company.

1950 – To help alleviate the peaks and valleys of the seasonal business, Allied Supply begins to distribute television and electronic parts and in 1951 adds radios, television sets and paint to their product line.

1952 – John Homan is elected Chairman of the Board, while his son, Jack Homan takes over as President and General Manager of the Allied Supply Company.

1957 – The current headquarters building at 1100 E. Monument Avenue is purchased from the Thresher Paint & Varnish Company.  The 65,000 SF building had been constructed in 1886 and had an extensive history first as a manufacturing facility of railroad cars and later as a paint factory.  The last railroad cars were produced in 1921 and were used as street cars for the Dayton and Troy Electric Railway.

1960 – Allied Supply launches its profit sharing plan for employees as well as expands its consumer goods line with Gibson Appliances.

1964 – The company enters the furniture wholesale business.

1967 – Thirty-two years after the founding of his company, John L. Homan passes away.

1969 – Electronic controls by Honeywell and Johnson Controls are added to the product line. 

1970 – Jack Homan becomes Chairman of the Board and his brother, William Homan is elected President and General Manager.

1971 – Allied Supply leaves the electronic parts, television sets and furniture business.

1977 – Jack Homan retires and William Homan assumes the duties of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

1978 – The Mansfield, Ohio branch is opened.

1982 – William Homan makes the decision to focus on only HVACR solutions and drops the Gibson line of appliances.

1983 – Air filtration solutions by Camfil are added.

1985 – John's grandson, James Homan, is named President and CEO.

1986 – The Toledo, Ohio branch is opened.

1990 – Copeland Compressors are added to the product line.

1992 – The Cincinnati, Ohio branch is opened.

1995 – Mini-split HVAC equipment from Mitsubishi is added.

2004 – James's brother; Thomas Homan is named President and CEO.

2008 – The Dayton headquarters is renovated including an upgrade of the telecommunications and computer systems.

2009 – The Cincinnati branch moves to its new and current location.

2010 – Allied Supply celebrates its 75th anniversary.

2011 – The Lima branch is remodeled and adds 4,000 SF.  New division managers are brought on board to lead the refrigeration, controls and HVACR equipment units.

2013 – Allied Supply purchases Columbus Automatic Sprayer Co. to become the new Columbus branch.

2014 – Modine, Bard, and Fraser-Johnston product lines are added.

2016 – Hoshizaki Ice Machines and Reach In Refrigerators Product Line added.

2017 – Parker/ Sporlan Zoomlock Solderless Fitting Product Line added.

Today Allied Supply offers over 12,000 products from over 160 manufacturers and serves over 2,000 customers per year.  The company is the Midwest leader in HVACR solutions – offering specialized expertise in air filtration, controls, HVACR parts and equipment and refrigeration.

Our Vision

We will be the Midwest's premier HVACR wholesale distributor, distinctive and successful in everything we do.

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