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Welcome to the Allied Supply video page! This is a video round-up page that we put together. Here you'll find some of the latest and greatest product and training videos from some of the top manufacturers in the HVAC/R industry. Coming Soon: training videos from Allied Supply's very own product specialists.

A Case Study Review: Hotel Design WSHP vs. Water Source VRF 

This is a recording of a webinar that aired February 7th.  This 1 hour webinar highlighted the Owner Developer’s decision to switch the AC Marriott Bridgepark project in Dublin, Ohio from a Load Match WSHP design to a Water Cooled VRF design.  The comparison between the systems covers the economics of first cost and operating cost, comfort, maintainability, acoustics, utility rebates and efficiency.

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Camfil: Optimal Air Filtration - Camfil's Circle of Success

[Camfil's Video Page]

Finding the best clean air solution means more than comparing price tags. It means finding the right fit, finding an air filter that provides optimal performance in a specific environment. In Camfil's new 'Circle of Success' video, the company shows how its multi-faceted approach to filter selection and testing enables customers to boost performance while reducing filter, operating, and administrative costs.

Yellow Jacket: Swaging Techniques

[Richie Engineering Video Page]

Richie Engineering / Yellow Jacket has a series on tech tips, and here is one of them: Swaging.

With this tech tip you'll discover how using proper swaging techniques to save you time and help prevent leaks.

Nu-Calgon: Product Overview: A/C EasySeal

[Nu-Calgon's Video Page]

Curious about how Nu-Calgon's A/C EasySeal actually repairs leaks? Watch the video to find out!

A/C EasySeal is designed to prevent as well as repair leaks. It is easily injected into condensers, evaporators, copper lines, and soldered joints, and then travels with the refrigerant and searches for leaks. The A/C EasySeal circulates though the system with the refrigerant, seeking out leaks rather than migrating slowly with the oil.

Emerson: The Worldwide Impact of the Copeland Scroll Compressor

[Emerson's Video Page]

You probably don't realize the worldwide impact of Emerson's Copeland Scroll compressor. From homes, to grocery stores, to refrigerated trucks and marine shipping containers, this leading Emerson technology helps keep things cool.

Check out this video to find out more about the worldwide impact of Emerson's Copeland Scroll compressor.

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